Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Remove the Blogger(Blogspot) Navi Bar/Banner at the Top

If you want to remove the Blogger bar at the top because it's clashing with your site. Many people seem to think this is illegal, that is up to you to decide. Go to the Dashboard. Click on Layout and then click "Edit HTML". Now stick this bit of code somewhere.

#navbar-iframe {
display: none;

Easiest is just before the "body {" and after the variable definitions. So your template should have this bit of code in it like below.
 1.    <Variable name="endSide" description="End side in blog language"
 2.              type="automatic" default="right" value="right">
 3. */
 6. #navbar-iframe {
 7.    display: none;
 8. }
11. body {
12.   margin:0px;
13.   padding:0px;
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